Skull Pinhole Camera: Morbid Photography

This pinhole camera is made from a skull of a 13 year old girl. If that isn’t morbid enough for you, the pictures that are granted by its use are a bit eerie and freaky. The creator, Wayne Martin Bleger, makes great use of true organs and combines so with metals and precious stones providing an extremely freaky, yet innovative camera for scary photography.

Although no crime has been made, the use of a human skull to create an actual pinhole camera leaves me a little disturbed…but not for long. I must appreciate the creativity and ingenuity in creating an actual working camera from materials not used for such purpose.

Via: GizmoWatch

5 thoughts on “Skull Pinhole Camera: Morbid Photography

  1. Rob.

    It’s pretty sick, in terms of disrespect for the dead. It’s a skull – a bone – and should be properly buried in memory of the deceased, not turned into a novelty camera.

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