Top 14 Amazing and Futuristic Cellphone Designs

Cellphone Technology has drastically changed in the last decade and can be considered an actual Cellphone Evolution. Mobile phones have evolved, their size has changed, they have been flooded with features which we never thought could be possible and continue to progress.

Practically all cellphones have cameras which sometimes can even be compared to actual digital camera resolution and abilities. These cellular phones are becoming slimmer with larger screen size, some have no buttons and multi-touch screens, accelerometers, audio systems, video systems and hundreds of other media and productivity features. These are no more just Cell Phones but rather considered “Smart phones” as we call them (most of them), but we must admit, Geeks are never satisfied. So, we here at Walyou present to you “Geeks” the most Amazing and Futuristic Cellphone designs that we hope would see the green light in the near future.

1. NEC Tag Phone

Concept Mobile Phones

NEC Tag cellphone is a soft and flexible phone that can be wrapped around your wrist. It has a capability of changing its shape according to the phone mode, thanks to Shape-memorizing material and multiple pressure sensors it has in it. Built with malleable rubber, the shape can be changed manually also.

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2. Soft Phone

This cute cellphone works by your squeeze and hug. By your grip and usage it reacts with making or ending a call. It comes in its own included soft pouch, so you may fold it to take up less space, store its own qwerty keyboard, or present its practicality.

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3. Nokia Eco Sensor Concept

Concept Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones can call, send SMS, emails and do much more. But how about a cellphone that can do all this stuff and be environmental and health friendly as well?

Nokia’s Eco Sensor concept cell phone does just that. It has a range of built-in sensors to help you monitor your health, environment, and local weather. In addition, you can also share the environmental data your sensing device collects and view other users’ shared data, thereby increasing your global environmental awareness.

4. Customized Cellphone

How would you like to customize the appearance of your cellphone? This great idea allows you to build the faceplate just like you would like using different colored tiles. With this, you can recreate, re-design, and rebuild a personal look over and over again.

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5. BenQSiemens Snake phone

Concept Mobile Phones

It is similar to the Tag Phone mentioned above; the BenQSiemens Snake cellphone has been built in the shape of a snake and can be wrapped around you Wrist as if it were a wristband. It is good for those that tend to leave their mobile phones here and there and completely forget about them. The Snake Phone doesn’t have many features, but it will definitely rock on your wrist.

6. Nokia Scentsory

Nokia ScentSory concept mobile phone

The unique feature of this concept phone from Nokia is its smell sensor. The Nokia Scentsory Cellphone comes in a paper airplane folded style and features user customizable scent specifications for contacts as well as wellness aroma therapy.

Seems like there is a scent trend with different concepts, products and innovation to use the sense of smell. For example, there are the scented ringtones and also mp3 players that smell.

7. The Concept Pen Phone

Pen Phone Concept Mobile Phone
Haier has already produced cellphone models that are so near of being called pen phones, but they are just not there yet.

Here is a concept Pen Phone that will make you look like James Bond with features such as: a USB slot, a microSD card slot, comes with an earpieces and has bluetooth as well. It is the smallest cellphone design as of now but is not in production just yet.

8. Nokia Morph

Nokia Morph Concept Mobile Phone

Nokia, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Nanoscience Center(UK) has created this concept cellphone that is flexible in the truest sense. It gives you the freedom of shape in many ways.

Whether you want it to become a Tablet PC, a Wrist band or keep as a simple smart Phone, Nokia Morph does all this for you. The Morph can be put in three modes:
Standard mode: Just like any normal handset: you can make calls, receive call, send and receive SMS and use it as just another Mobile phone.
Bracelet mode: For the stylish people. In this mode you can wrap it around your Wrist and even use it as a watch or for Video Chats.
Landscape mode: In this mode it can be used as a tablet PC. The entire surface become a touch screen and can be used to check mail easily, watch movies etc. It uses its nanosensors effectively to give you complete control over what you want Morph to do.

The Nokia Morph is a truly revolutionary mobile phone design and hopefully we will get even close to this design within our lifetime.

(Video at the link)

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9. iPhone Like Cellphone Design

Iphone Like Concept Mobile Phone

This Concept Phone Designed by Bence Bogar has 2.8″ Crystal Display Screen, 5.0-MP Digital camera, 512MB Ram, micro SD (T-flash) expansion slot, Wi-Fi support, built-in Bluetooth technology, and built-in GPS features. The designer claims this concept phone to be the “perfect phone in the world”.

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10. In-phone Bluetooth Earpiece Storage

Never misplace or lose your Bluetooth earpiece again. This practical cellphone concept has an actual storage spot within the phone itself; this way, you can always have your Bluetooth earpiece wherever you have your cellphone.

In addition, this same storage area charges your earpiece when not in use, so you will always be ready to take a call and have your hands free.

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11. Asus Aura Concept Phone

Asus Aura Concept Phone

The Asus Aura Concept Phone is designed by a Hungarian design company, Egy Studio for a Taiwanese vendor. The Aura Concept cellphone has a movable navigation module with navigational buttons and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Additional features include a 3.9″ touchscreen covering the whole surface of the phone, a 2.0 megapixel camera, a microSD memory card slot, GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Not only is it cooler than you think but it is slimmer as well with the dimension of 97×49x6mm and total volume of 28 cc.

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12. Nokia 888

Nokia 888 Concept Phone

The Nokia 888 concept design by Tamer Nakisci can be changed to any form. You can change its shape according to your needs during the day but don’t have to carry it in your pocket or on your wrist; take it anywhere and in any form.

This cellphone concept can be rolled, bent, placed on your clothes like a clip and more. It uses liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, and a touch sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment.

As well as the shape, the color of the Nokia 888 Mobile Phone may also be changed.

The idea behind the design of Nokia 888 is that “the perfect form” does not exist. “Form follows you” so they create the perfect form for each function.

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13. Handphone Cellphone

When someone acts as if they are talking on the phone, they extend their thumb and pinky outward and talk into their palm. Why can’t this actually be adapted?

This concept envisions having your cellphone simply attach to the back of your hand. Within a conversation, the mic would be where your extended pinky is, and listening would be at the thumb. Sounds simple enough.

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14. Choco Concept

Chanel Mobile Futuristic Mobile

The Choco Phone Concept, designed by Fred De Garilhe, is made up of small glass like square pieces. The lines between the shiny square glassy pieces make it look like Chocolate, hence the name. The Lines are lit up with fiber optics and demarcate the numbers.

All the numbers can be seen through the reflective surface when you slide the screen upwards, and the four pieces of glass that accompany the Screen become the 4 function keys. It seems though that Choco Phone concept will never become reality, not under that name since it is patented to another company. The designer will either have to change the name or come up with a new design.

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