Cool Metal Gear Solid 4 Gadget as a Rubber Band Gun

A Metal Gear Solid 4 fan must have created this amazing Rubber Band gun gadget. Snake would never be seen with such a weapon, but it would be a lot more hazardous than a few rubber bands if the actual MGS weapons were made into real gadgets. As an office toy/weapon or a really cool way to sting your friends, this rubber band gun falls within the “I Want One” category.

This Rubber Band gun is made of metal and presents extreme detail. It also includes a flashlight and laser light in the front, though I am not sure how much it would help the aim. For a full attack, it holds up to 12 rubber bands, in case one from this semi-automatic wouldn’t do the trick.

With the trigger touching your finger, you have the power to provide the short stinging pain of rubber bands at a foe and look extremely cool doing it. Just remember, careful…we wouldn’t want you to poke anyone’s eye or cause any true damage.

Via: GadgetVenue