Sony Ericsson’s Green Heart Biodegradable Concept Cellphone

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone
Here at Walyou we all love concept cellphones and designs. We already did a post on the Top 14 Amazing and Futuristic Cellphone Designs, but we missed this concept cellphone from Sony Ericsson just the Same. It may not the best concept phone will see around the web, but we still appreciate the step taken by Sony Ericsson in making a mobile phone which is more environment friendly.

This phone is fully biodegradable and is built with recyclable bio-plastic. It is called Green Heart and comes with recycled plastic keypads.

Also manufactured is this “zero charger” with 3.5mW standby power that saves the electricity when it is connected to a power outlet but not to the cellphone. Now at least you can keep the charger connected to the power socket all the time and it won’t use energy as it does at the present time.

This cellphone also comes with HTML based e-manuals instead of traditional printed ones, and environmentally friendly packaging to enable you to throw the package without making the biosphere cry.

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