Wall Mounted Computer Case Mod: 6 PC’s in 1 Case

Holy Computer Case Mod! This wall mounted modification combining 6 computers in one huge aquarium like case is just spectacular. With the bright lights, powerful PC’s, and artistic design, this PC mod by Fredrik Perman belongs in the Top Case Mod Collection.

When walking in Perman’s office in North Carolina, visitors would be presented this huge wall display of computer design. It consists of 6 powerful computers, proper ventilation by the sides and top left open, and has a speaker mount to play some music while sitting in the lobby.

I wonder if it was just built to create a ‘wow effect’ or is also used to for extreme office work and design. Although it should receive an award for such a presentation, I would hope it is not just a PC on the wall. Since it combines functional computers along with beautiful wall art, it could be a winner in the office for employees and visitors alike.

The actual details as mentioned by Mr. Perman are:

6 Intel Dual Core Processors

10 X 12″ Blue Cathode light strips

Wall mounted 15″ LCD screen

A keyboard and track ball

8 port KVM switch (controls the file and phone server)

6 LED fans

Diamond plated inner casing

Aluminum frame

Acrylic sheet cover