Beer Filled USB Drive Gadget is Torture at Work

Pizza and Beer must not be the only winning combination now that this Beer Filled USB Drive gadget is available.

We have seen some odd USB gadgets in the past, such as: the USB Hanging Man Hub, the USB Flower Gadget that grants a fresh scent at your work area, and even the USB Drive Bottle Opener Combo, but this one has no additional practicality besides being a fancy, promo USB drive. I mean, what are you going to do? Crack it open and drink while uploading your files?

I see this Beer filled USB drive is a cool gimmick gadget but besides being a cool promotional item for a specific beer manufacturer, it serves no additional purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I love beer just like anyone else, but I would not want to be haunted by it during my entire workday.

On hot days at work, it would only serve as torture. You would count the hours, minutes and seconds until you are finally off of work, so you can finally go grab a true cold beer.

Via: Gizmodo