Old Manual Typewriter Robot Art Sculptures

It is not everyday that you get to see great Robot art such as these amazing Typewriter Robots sculptures. It is also a great inspiration to see the way these combine the Technology World with nature and its surroundings.

Created by Jeremy Mayer, this Robot art is just outstanding. He disassembles old typewriters and put them back together without welding or glue to become the sculptures we see here. The first one remind me of Pink Floyd Division Bell album cover.

Future robots will probably not be developed using old manual typewriters, but the thought and artistic touch is definitely fulfilled.

I love to see different Robot art created from original and creative items that may be found around the house or garage. Other great examples of Robot art are the Giant Styrofoam Robots, the Kinetic Robot Sculpture with its Robot Baby, and also the Robotic MC Escher Tribute.

Via: Technabob