Textile Keyboard May Be the Longest Keyboard in the World

This may truly be the Longest Keyboard in the World! This keyboard is made of thousands and thousands of recycled keyboard keys and resembles a huge blanket we could wrap ourselves with. Actually, many tech geeks may actually want to wrap themselves with it, for it may provide the sense of security and technology even while they sleep.

This art project found at Jean Shin combines 22,528 keyboard keys, fabric and wonderful creativity. It spells out the entire email correspondence between the artist and the different collaborators on one connected and fabricated keyboard.

We may not actually see someone attach it by USB to their computer, but the first three rows are still functional. Connected to a computer screen, users, demonstrators and artists can use the beginning rows to type customized messages that will be seen on the demo screen.

This keyboard may truly be the exact opposite for the travel keyboard, by size, number of keys and portability. We can also artistically compare it to the Guitar Keyboard, for music is an art by itself and even the Snake Keyboard for the use of recycled keys.