LG KC910 Renoir Cellphone Out In October

The much anticipated LC KC910 Renoir Touchscreen Cellphone is coming out soon as the follow up to the successful LG Viewty Cellular. With advanced camera features, multimedia abilities and productivity features we have been getting used to, the LC KC910 Cellphone is a great addition to the growing list of worthy cellulars.

One of the main upgrades in the LG KC910 Renoir cellphone is the camera abilities, resolution and functions. This new LG handset consists of an 8MP camera, so you can rest assured it will grant your daily photo needs with your ongoing activities. This new cameraphone has Face Detection technology including blink and smile detection, so less people will complain about the photos you posted of them in Facebook – If they did not smile, the camera will not take the picture.

Moreover, with a Digital Image Stabilizer, Xenon Flash, and a Schneider-Kreuznach lens, it is easier than ever to take great quality photographs using an actual cellphone. Instead of needing to get really close to an object, making sure the lighting conditions are just perfect, and doing everything we can in order to get a half-decent picture, with the LG Renoir features, picture quality is probably the last thing you would need to worry about.

As we have desired, gotten used to and now cannot live without great Mulitmedia features, this LG Cellphone grants these abilities as we wish. The video recording features were upgraded and a TV-output connection added, so your videos and images don’t only look great, but you can watch them easily on your home television set. the KC910 also has a built in multimedia player, including DivX, XviD possibilities including Dolby surround for those that cannot do without.

Although the features are great, it won’t be good enough without a well made design. These images from Phones4u illustrate the great looks of the phone. It is required to note that this same cellphone is only 14mm thick, which makes it really comfortable to carry and use on a daily basis.

Lastly, so no one feels their regular needs are not answered, the LG KC910 cellphone has Wifi connectivity, GPS capabilities, Bluetooth, and an ability for up to 8GB of memory.

The LG KC910 Renoir cellphone is to be launched on October 15th for those looking for another choice in touchscreen cellphone with great camera and multimedia features.

Via: Dialaphone