Mothers Against Drunk Emailing in Gmail with Mail Goggles

It seems that Gmail has caught on the fact that we sometimes send email messages while drunk and want to help. I am not sure if Mothers Against Drunk Driving has any collaboration in this new Gmail Goggles feature, but it is surely to be a hit among many young folks who come back home after a night of partying, get on the net, and regret their email interaction the morning after.

Gmail seems to always come up with different features to overcome our mistakes, such as the one to make sure we do not Forget To Add Attachments in Email. This new addition though really takes it to another level. They will now check to make sure you are not writing an angry email, make an embarrassing confession, or email things you may regret because you are drunk.

At their Blog, Gmail explains this new Drunk defense feature. By preferences you set of hours and Math problems, Gmail will provide a last line of defense before an email is sent. If you notice that you usually come back home from a bar or party at 1am, you can set a window of time for this feature to be turned on. If during that window you attempt to email someone, a few Mathematical questions will pop up (also set to different difficulty you choose), which require to be solved (correctly) for that mail message to be sent out.


Gmail Goggles is a cool feature that I am certain will save a lot of unneeded embarassment from a crowd of drunk spontaneous folks.