Bamboo Bikes Are a Greener Alternative

Bamboo Bikes are a great alternative to the pricey bicycles available and provide both a greener choice including great durability.

The Bamboo Bike made from…you guessed it, Bamboo, is a great performing and looking bicycle. It may seem like just another cool design at first, but it does provide some great advantages. No, it does not have the Technological Abilities that the Yahoo Bike provides, but still adds a fresher look and benefits.

Bamboo Shoots have increased tensile strength compared to most steel bikes we ride by (or behind) on the road. In addition, if you would rather not spend above $10,000 for a great carbon fiber bicycle, this will probably run less than a fourth of the price. These bamboos also provide greater compressive abilities than concrete and would not split if heated and developed correctly.

Do you need another good reason? It is an awesome looking bike. Like the surfer station wagons that have wooden doors, this Bamboo Bike will definitely gain you a second and third look.

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