Remote Controlled Robot is a Mini Transformer

Robot Transformer

We know all that gadget lovers simply love the Transformers and anything related to it. The Real Transformer might not become reality before year 2050 (you know, with all that AI); however we are able to see a mini remote controlled version of the Transformer (of course without AI) already now.
Robot Transformer
The Remote Controlled Transformer Robot is a 13 inch tall robot having two wheels and it transforms into a four-wheeled sports car or truck. You can control the Robot with the bundled remote and make it move forward, backward or make it do 360 degree spins. The robot has an internal rechargeable battery and four hours of charging provide enough juice for it to run for 30 minutes.
Robot Transformer
The remote control is powered by one 9v cell and has a range of 100 feet. The LEDs shine Every time you move the Robot forward or backward, or make it do spin.

Hammacher Schlemmer via Slash Gear

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