Online Photoshop Alternative with Sumo Paint

With Photoshop, practically any image can be created. You can make your bad hair day into a good one, add some special touches that create a whole new look, or edit ready images in a special way that is unique and extraordinary. Sumo Paint is a flas based Photoshop look alike that is accessible online for anyone.

I know many that use Photoshop on a daily basis to make their pictures richer and/or add a special flavor that makes them on of a kind. Some are simply obsessed with the ability it offers and continue to get better and better as they use it daily. Now with Sumo Paint, you can get most of the features and abilities through your Web Browser. This means you do not have to be using your home desktop or laptop if you get an idea.

For example, you are at a friend’s house, and they show you a picture and ask for your professional opinion. Being the artistic genius you are, thousands of ideas pop into your head, and you wish you had your computer with you to perform your artistic wonders with, but unfortunately you do not. With Sumo Paint, you can begin the editing process online, to edit, save, and continue when you arrive at home.

You can read more information about Sumo Paint at their official site or even take a test drive immediately.