Keep Your Shoes On at Airports with MagShoe

Would you like to keep your shoes on when going through security check at the airport? Does it bother or embararss you that you need to take your shoes off in front of everyone? A new technological Step On Scanner called MagShoe was installed at Israel’s airport to allow you the convenience of keeping your shoes on your feet.

We have all been bothered, inconvenienced and sometimes dumbfounded about the need to take off our shoes when going through Security checkpoints when traveling for pleasure or business. Although it is used for security purposes, I always wondered why sometimes more intelligent has not been developed in this innovative technological world. Well, gotta hand it to the Israelis to come up with something practical that the entire world will appreciate.

The MagSgoe is a Step On Scanner created by Ido Security that can determine within seconds if a foreign metal object that may be a weapon of sort, bomb detonator or more. Unfortunately it is yet to be able and sniff out explosives, but that is most likely in the works.

This is another development towards keeping your clothes on at Airports, along with the Body Scanner that Sees Through Clothes which was also created for the Airports.

Via: Sovereign Publications