Mini Security Computers for Mac Desktops and Laptops

Hardware based security for Mac

Hardware-Based security solutions have been a big dream for Mac users. PC users have been using and enjoying the Yoggie Mini Security Computer for quite some time and now it has come for Mac users to experience as well. Yoggie Security Systems have just launched the world’s first miniature hardware Internet security devices for MacBooks and Mac Desktop computers.

The new Gatekeeper Pico and Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac are able to take care of up to twelve Internet security applications on a dedicated hardware that offloads security, improves productivity and protects users from wherever they connect.

Gatekeeper Pico is a powerful USB key-sized Linux-based computer having 12 built-in security applications. It has been specially designed to off-load installed security software from your Mac. The Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac on the other hand is a full-blown mini-computer with its own processor, memory and even an operating system. It has a Multi-Layer Security Agent for enhanced security against internet borne threats.

The Gatekeeper for Mac has the following main features:

• Integrated state inspection firewall
• Snort Intrusion Detection System
• Snort Intrusion Prevention System
• Sourcefire VRT certified Snort rules
• Mailshell anti-spam
• Mailshell anti-phishing
• Kaspersky anti-virus
• Kaspersky anti-spyware
• Multi-Layer Security Agent
• Layer-8 Security Engine
• VPN client (Card version only)
• SurfControl Web content filtering
• Adaptive Security Policy

The Mac version of the Gatekeeper is having a 20% discount over the PC version. The Gatekeeper ExpressCard has a cost of $150 while as that of Gatekeeper Pico is $119.