Revolutionary 3D Desktop Printer Alaris 30 Introduced

3D printers are being released and the Alaris 30 from Objet Geometries seems like a great 3D Desktop printer to make the grade. Not only does it provide amazing models to present and show off, but it also claims to be able to make intricate moving 3D models, hopefully like the Lego V8 Engine with Small Engine Parts.

The Alaris is a revolutionary 3D printer which uses PolyJet Photopolymer Jetting Technology to actually print out real 3D objects. How cool is that? It is larger than the desktop printers we are accustomed to today, but please…this one makes 3D prints. What did you expect, something that fits in your pocket?

As can be seen in the images (and the demo video below), the Alaris 30 is a nice piece of machinery, and the printed 3D models are very well detailed. It may be something that can be heaven on earth for designers and more, but I can see kids simply fulfilling their curiosity with such a printer. If the price is right, and the initiative is there, many imaginative creations can be brought to life thanks to the Alaris 30.

Source and Images Via: TFTS