Digital Touchscreen Jukebox from IntelliTunes

Jukeboxes have always been the great icebreakers at bars, clubs or certain parties, and with this Touchscreen Jukebox from IntelliTunes, the fun was just doubled.

IntelliTunes Jukebox has two screens (sized 8 and 15 inch), with one as a functional touchscreen. The small one is used to display song information including artist, album and track, while the one below provide the full touchscreen interactivity we would expect from a state of the art Musical tech product. The two screens also offer different themes, styles, colors and 3D animation to display as the background to go simultaneously with your preferred Library of songs.

With a 320 GB hard drive, there is plenty of space for your library of songs, albums and artists to fit in one place (additional storage options available if needed). Moreover, it is easy to add all your songs to the Intellitunes jukebox by the DVD drive or even by plugging in your iPod directly.

IntelliTunes also has a PerfectFade feature that makes sure smooth volume transitions between your songs, so as your ultimate library mix is playing, you do not have to run back and forth to change the volume.


The IntelliTunes Jukebox runs for right under $4000. You can find more information at their product page.

Via: Bornrich