Lego Brick Radiator Warms Your Home

A Radiator decorated by Lego Bricks can be a colorful alternative to the norm. While radiators warm up your home and provide a practical use, their design and look are usually extremely depressive. That is why when I first saw this Lego Brick design, a smile creeped up, and it warmed up my heart as well.

Lego is making its way into design in so many different ways. This radiator is a wonderful way to enter your home and bring amazing color to a Winter necessary product. The Small Lego Lamps are another cool way to combine Lego bricks with a practical daily used item, and the Lego Sushi may not be of practical use but can make a really colorful decoration.

Marco Baxadonne designed the Lego radiator shown and names it the Brick. It is a great way for Geeks and others to display a colorful art piece using Nostalgic Lego Bricks.

Via: SlipperyBrick