HIV Positive Blood Sample in a Pinhole Camera

The thought of using a pinhole camera with an HIV Positive Blood Sample running through its design seems a little more than just weird. It is a specially designed pinhole camera to take photos for studying purposes of those suffering of HIV.

Created by Wayne Martin Belger, who also made the Skull Pinhole Camera from a real 13 year old skull, this is another morbid addition to his photography portfolio.

The HIV positive pinhole camera may be morbid, but it is still designed well by its looks and details. It combines Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Acrylic, and HIV positive blood sample running through it, which also works as a red filter.

The images shown are of the camera itself, and some photographs taken with it.

This Camera mod design combines Science, Technology and Art and would probably riase more than a few eyebrows. Do you think this camera pushes the envelope or is a true piece of camera art?