Cool Mouse with Built-In Cooling Fan

Mouse with Cooling Fan

Who doesn’t like a Stunning new gadget which no one has ever seen, right on their desk? This LED Scrolling mouse is actually a cool designed mouse that has a cooling fan to keep your palms dry. We must admit that we have been seeing a lot of different Mice Designs with cooling capabilities and also Gaming Mice but this mouse is different because it bundles two amazing features into it, a Cooling fan and a LED message scroller that actually works.

Mouse with Cooling Fan

The LED message scroller has got its own remote control that can be used to punch in your desired message into the Mouse and then the mouse will display the message once the fan turns on. With a weight of just 110g and a Resolution of 800dp, this mouse i something all the palm sweating geeks need to buy. The mouse comes in green and red colors and costs US $35.00


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