Sarah Palin Imitation with Lego Bricks

Sarah Palin is an extremely popular figure right now, being imitated on TV, in the streets, and now…in Lego. I guess fame and exposure has its price, but Sarah Palin should be extremely proud of her Lego remake, because this is true Lego Art.

Just like every other kid, I used to have Lego Bricks in my room, but I have never ever gotten even close to creating actual art with them. Regular squares and flat surfaces was probably the best I could create due to my lack of patience. Some people though really take precious time out of their day and create real masterpieces, such as the a Huge Lego Ferrari, a belt buckle of a Lego Space Invaders, and we have also seen the amazing Harry Potter Lego Creations.

This Sarah Palin imitation using Lego even has her sly wink and Sarah Palin half smile. You may not be much for politics, but you gotta love Sarah Palin…or her Lego replica.

Via: Neatorama