Gadgets Talking Electric Fly Swatter Gadget

Talking Electric Fly Swatter Gadget

This Talking Electric Fly Swatter is probably one of the greatest (and most fun) gadgets ever created. As you battle and swat different flies, bugs, or mosquitos, the last thing they would hear are one liners the swatter will say for you.

If you consider yourself a wisecrack, or would like the different flying pests to, the Electric Fly swatter Gadget talks with different smart-alec lines anyone would love to say;

– Hasta La Vista!

– 2 Points!

– Flight Cancelled!


– Die Sucker! and…

– Gotcha!

This talking fly swatter gadget is simply a wonderful gift for parents, children, or any friends you feel deserve an extra backbone with a mouth on it.

Via: RedFerret Via: PrankPlace

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