Cool Electric Scooter Designs

While the world is moving towards electric vehicles and transportation with different Electric Vehicles and methods, there are different choices for all. Some really appreciate the many Segway Scooters that can be seen in the Segway Scooter Roundup, some may want to wait for Smart City Cars, and some would want actual Electric Scooters.

A few new electric scooters we came across could turn a few heads just as much as the Segway ones usually do.

The Cargo Electric Scooter made me think of a greener place when delivering packages. Instead of large DHL or UPS trucks being stuck in traffic, causing a lot of smog, and taking time to get to your home, these scooters could be a nice new way. For medium sized packages, letters, and shipments, the Cargo Electric Scooter could make its way on the streets a lot easier and put a smile on the delivery man’s face.

The Nissan Mori looks bright, colorful and fun but raises an important question…where are we supposed to sit. It claims to be with different drawers to fit all your belongings. still, unless a seat folds out for a safer and more comfortable ride, good looks are just not enough.

There are additional Cool Electric Scooter designs at the link below that should fit different personalities, needs, and trends.

Via: LifeInfoZone