AeroSystem iPod Dock by Jean-Michel Jarre

Cool Ipod Dock

Those of you that didn’t even try making your own iPod dock or were too lazy for it, Here is a cool and amazing iPod dock for you. We know the Ladybug and Butterfly iPod Docks from VestaLife were cool too, but this one from Jean-Michel Jarre has its own charm.

Cool Ipod Dock

The Jean-Michel Jarre AeroSystem iPod Dock costs $580 and comes with a USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack so that you can use it with other MP3 players as well. The Dock comes with very cool iPod speakers, with a eye-catching iPod docks and clean speaker system for iPod. Moreover, the iPod Dock features a 450 Watt Sub-Woofer and 200 Watt speakers.

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5 thoughts on “AeroSystem iPod Dock by Jean-Michel Jarre

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  3. Tino.

    Myfab n’aura jamais pu fabriqué ce produit.
    C’est avec 4 mois de retard sur la fabrication qu’ils sont annoncé aux personnes ayant commandé l’objet (moi y compris) qu’il ne pourrait pas nous livrer.
    4 mois pour se rendre compte que le produit n’est “faisable”, c’est trop.
    Proposer un produit, faire payer les consommateurs, et leurs annoncer plus tard que cela n’est pas réalisable relève de l’incompétence.
    Le pire étant qu’en 4 mois, j’ai envoyé 5 mails de demande d’information et que j’ai eu le droit à une réponse…
    For not french people :
    (sorry for my bad english )
    Myfab never have made this product.
    With 4 months behind the manufacture are announced to the people who commanded the product (including me) that we could not deliver.
    4 months to realize that the product is “makable” is enough.
    Suggest a product, consumers pay, and later announced that it is not makable is incompetence.
    The worst is that 4 months, I sent 5 mails request and that I was entitled to an answer …

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