16 Coolest Star Wars Characters in Gadgets and Mods

Star Wars Characters and Gadgets are a major source of attraction for Star Fans and non-fans as well. There are many characters and models that we come across, so it was hard to select the ones to use. This Star Wars Characters collection includes many great Star wars toys, new gadgets, electronics, models and additional modifications of the popular series.

I must admit I enjoy the movies immensely but am not a major fan who stood in line for the films, bought any boxed sets, collected figurines, or followed any of the Jedi code. Still, gathering up this list was a fun time.

Here you can find some (there is no way you can gather everything) great Star Wars Characters in Gadgets and Mods for Star Wars Geeks, Fans, and Followers. Some of these are so great, you do not have to be a fan to want one.

1 R2-D2 Home Video Projector

Now this R2-D2 video projector Star Wars character gadget is pretty amazing. This home video projector is in the true size of R2-D2, it drives around like the little robot, and projects videos, TV and games beautifully. It is not just a cheap toy and can definitely be used as a true video projector.

2 Millenium Falcon PC

Another great Star Wars mod was introduced by Russ Caslis at Mods.Xkill with all the before images, steps that were taken and final amazing Star Wars finish. Han Solo’s ship was recreated as a powerful PC that stays true to the model.

3 X-Wing Fighter Mouse

Also build by Russ Caslis who made the Millenium Falcon, this wireless mouse is a beautiful Star Wars mod that is like art. The creativity and imagination involved alone deserve praise.

4 Light Sabers

I have mentioned before that my brother always dreamed of Becoming a Real Transformer and a Jedi Knight. At least with these light sabers, he could be a step closer to acting like a Jedi. with three different Light Sabers available from ThinkGeek.com, many could hold the powerful weapon to use for intimidation or fear.

The video below presents Yoda’s saber and its green glow.

5 Millenium Falcon Wii Mod

Han Solo’s ship was always appreciated in the movies, even though it was a little old (considering). This Star Wars Nintendo Wii Mod is a cool transformation of combining it with a hi tech gaming console from today.

6 R2-D2 Watch

For those that simply can’t stay away from the little robot, here comes a watch where you can take R2-D2 with you and also control it with the watch. Using a little IR transmitter, this star wars watch seen at SlipperyBrick controls the cool character.

7 Darth Vader Wall Clock

GeekAlerts presented this amazing Darth Vader Wall clock that has sound effects and evil eyes. Still, Darth Vader is a villain for the History Books, so it makes it a perfect Time telling Star Wars gadget.

8 Star Wars Characters Nutcrackers

This Star Wars Characters Nutcracker Set consists of Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2 characters. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas Gift, for it is like a collectible figurine many fans would love any day.

9 Tie Fighter Case Mod

This PC Case Mod is from a few years ago on ExtremeTech, but is an amazing Star Wars mod. Besides being created to look like the Tie Fighter, it is actually a PC case and also holds the entire computer ensemble. The two images show this Star wars creation with the light on…and off.

10 Vader and Stormrooper Phone Flashers

Darth Vader makes a great appearance along with the Stormtrooper to let you know you have a phone call. RandomGoodstuff presented this as a great office toy that let you know when a call is received by flashing lights and spinning heads. Hey, a great office Star Wars gadget can never be bad.

11 Star wars Floppy Hack

Star Wars movies are also popular for the musical themes involved, and this Star Wars Theme Floppy Drive is a great rendition and tribute.

12 Miniature R2-D2 RC Figure

Controlled by a light saber Remote Control, this miniature star Wars character R2-D2 from ThinkGeek.com is great Star wars gadget for kids and adults. On the one hand you get to control a Star Wars character using a light saber, and on the other hand…it is R2-D2. Gotta love it!

13 Mini LED Flashlight – Light Sabers

A great Star Wars gadget keychain was presented by GeekAlerts that brings the amazing Light saber weapon with a handy practical flashlight. Moreover, it fits in you pocket and attaches as a keychain, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting it behind.

14 Stormtrooper Voice Changing Helmet

Crunchgear mentioned this was voted as Top Tech toy, but the video makes you raise some eyebrows. Is it really a stormtrooper voice changing helmet? This could let you reenact special scenes, make some of your own, and be your very own stormtrooper. If it really worked like claimed.

15 R2-D2 Computer Case Mod

We previously visited our little robot friend R2-D2 in the Top Computer Case Mods Collection which was not dedicated to Star Wars mods only. Here R2-D2 makes a second appearance which is well deserved.

16 Star Wars Characters Flash Drives

The Star Wars Characters USB drives are a great productive gadget that comes in attractive character casing. These new gadgets are a great way to have your files with you at all times within a good looking USB Flash drive.