New Stylish Heart Rate Watch from Sportline

New Heart Rate Watches

I have seen these kinds of devices before, and most recently was in the Incredible Hulk Movie. The watch tells Bruce Banner what his heart rate is so he knows when he will become the “Green Monster”. The New Watches from Sportline have a similar feature of telling an individual their going Heart Rate. It doesn’t follow your sleep pattern like the Sleeptracker Watch, but helps towards a healthy lifestyle.

The Sportline TQR watch series features eight different designs of watches for men and women. The watches have an analog design, but show heart rate digitally. Dan Kinsbourne, Vice president of Marketing for Sportline said, “Heart rate monitoring has always been thought of as extremely important though typically only during exercise. But awareness of one’s own fitness level is the key to staying committed to a lifestyle of health. Know your heart rate every day, everywhere is the fundamental message behind the TQR Series, and we look forward to introducing the full line of watches that have been engineered to deliver on that goal.”

These Heart Rate watches promise to deliver ECG accurate heart rate in three beats or less and you don’t even need a chest strap or a belt for making it work properly. Sportline claims that TQR is the only heart-rate technology designed for analog watches.

The other main features of the watch include:

Stainless steel top ring and case
Stainless steel rotating bezel
Analog time with three hand movement
ECG Accurate LED heart-rate display
Quick-touch heart-rate without a chest strap
3 Beat Speed Sensor
Digital LED Calendar (month, date, day)
Digital LED Time display
Digital LED Alarm function
Illuminated bezel and minute/hour hands
Mineral glass lens
Water-resistant to 100 meters

The Sportline TQR Heart Rate Watches cost from $59.99 to $159.99.