Lego Movie Remakes

We have continually praised different Lego arts, and even a few Movie remakes, and this cool Lego Movie Remakes list is a wonderful combination of both.

The following Movie Scenes were remade using the wonderful Lego bricks we have grown to love. They represent popular movies that most are familiar with.

The Matrix

A great touch to the Matrix movie. Even the special effects were recreated. Is there anything Lego can’t do?

The Graduate

This is an old favorite of mine with Dustin Hoffman. The Graduate was entertaining and great for its time.

Star Wars

Wow, now this one is going to make people smile. Star Wars fans love mostly anything that has to do with the series, especially from the original trilogy. Besides this Lego Movie Remake, you can also check out a Star Wars Characters Gadget Collection.


Speaking of classics, this is the mother of all classics. With famous lines, popular scenes, and mentions in so many other popular films, Casablanca Lego is a great find.


The first Alien movie may be a tad slower than the rest, but it still started a trend. It got us a little scared, some were even terrified, and brough a new woman hero to the screen. Oh yeah, and she was a bad ass.

The Ring

Although the Naomi Watts version was a remake in itself, the Ring scared the hell out of many. It could be the suspense, the deaths, or perhaps the fear of seeing the Ring yourself.


Was it a love story, Historical remake or just a Titanic of a blockbuster I am still not sure, but this Lego scene would be recognized by most.

Source and Images: Cinematical