Amazing Computer Keyboard Mouse Combo

Biggest Mouse

For People saving up workplace space and trying to get rid of that mouse that takes a lot of space despite its small size, you might like the World Biggest Computer Keyboard that has a mouse built-in. Actually it is both, a keyboard as well as a mouse.

The Glide Computer Keyboard from Weston Boege is a concept Mouse design that has a lot of buttons. This Keyboard rests on low friction pads that makes it easy to move it around like a mouse with the help of your arms. It should definitely be in the Computer Keyboards for Geeks list.

Biggest Mouse

The keyboard slides around your desk picking up the movement through an optical sensor mounted underneath.If you just don’t like to move both your palms for using the Big Mouse, you can use the traditional mouse controls built into its molded palm rest.

Biggest Mouse

Via:Yanko Designs

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