Cool UFO Night Light Gadget

Coole Night Light

When I watched the movie ET, I was just around 10 years old. Afterwards I used to wake up at the middle of the night and look through the window and hope to see an Unidentified Flying Object. 10 years later, Katsu Designs have come up with a new gadget that should at least mimic the actual UFO and brings it inside your room.

The new UFO Night Light gadget should not only provide enough light to brighten up the darkness of night but It will also be a wonderful and amazing product to look at when you don’t feel like sleeping. The UFO Night Light is made from pieces of aluminum sheets and details have been painted to add the mood. Moreover, it has been fancied up with the help of colorful piece of plexiglass. The PlexiGlass part which defines what the color the UFO Night Light is, comes in three colors – blue, red and green. It should cost approximately $40 at Etsy Stores now.

This light may not make you Look Like an Alien or add an Alien Interior Design, but it is still a cute addition to your home.

via: Coolest Gadgets