Health Gadget: the Laks Baby Boom Pregnancy Watch

This has to be one of the weirdest Health Gadgets to let a woman know if she’s fertile, but it does the job to the tee. The Pregnancy Watch gadget from Laks in essence doubles as a plastic watch and a pregnancy device: When a woman is pregnant, the watch can tell her the week of pregnancy she is in.

This is no ordinary fertility watch. It also comes with a list of baby names, just in case you haven’t picked one out for your new addition. As a stylish watch, it is oferred either in a classic look or black.

The specifications on the pregnancy are as follows:

plastic watch ($114)
digital display
waterproof 100 m
with mini-computer
(Baby Boom) Measures 35 mm x 48 mm x 12 mm

For other Baby Health Gadgets, there are the Fertility Tester and also the Baby Kick Counter.

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