Computer Keyboard with Three Cooling Fans

With the advent of ‘touch screen’ and virtual laser technology, I probably thought normal computer keyboards would be swept under the mat. But nay, they still remain an integral part of our computer workstations. It isn’t a fetish for obsolete technology; it’s got more to do with convenience and habits.

The Cooling Fan USB Computer keyboard counts on this chunk of users and accommodates a built-in heater and cooler to negate weather-compatibility issues around the globe. The temperature control program for the palms is  definitely a novelty in this industry. It accommodates three built-in fans and will exhale cool or warm blasts to make the task of hitting buttons a breeze.

With such frills, one can expect the keyboard to be on the bulky side, but it’s the price to pay for extra pampering. The Colling Fan Computer Keyboard is available on the RareMonoShop for $78.

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Via Newlaunches