Top iPhone and iPod Designs

While the iPhone 3G is selling and people are waiting to for the iPhone 3G Unlock, there are other iPhone or iPod Designs that could be seen as actual art. Yes, there is Apple Mac Art, iPhone wannabe Microsoft Zune Phone and even certain Apple fans will call the actual touchscreen itself a piece of art, but here we are talking about different iPhone and iPod Creations.

Below you will find a collection of different iPhone and iPod Designs such as cakes, coasters, covers, buildings and much more iPhone love. We would be happy to hear of more, so please comment on others you came across.

1 iPhone Cakes

The different iPhone design cakes below come in different sizes and different iPhone applications. The ones from GarrettDimon and TUAW also make sure to mark the AT&T carrier on top…hoping no one would think they actually have an unlocked iPhone cake.The third from icruise_flickr is the rebel but hopefully won’t brick.

2 iPhone App Coasters

While certain iPhone parodies once mentioned the iPhone could be used as a coaster, this useful iPhone design seen at Technabob seems much better. Different coasters were designed based on separate iPhone apps to provide a colorful solution for your coffee table.

3 iPod Shuffle and Nano Covers

Gizmodo presented these two cool covers for the iPod Shuffle and older iPod Nano. Both are really cute and give a sense of Nostalgia: one by the colorful Apple Logo and the other with the Monstrous Godzilla.

4 iPad Building

I first saw this iPhone (or iPod) resembling building at LuxuryLaunches. It may not be exactly like an iPhone but there is something about it that makes it look like it has been at least inspired by the iPhone. True, it also resembles a Tetris Building, but the lights, proportional size and futuristic look reminds of the Apple cellphone.

5 Giant Macbook Powered iPhone

So this giant iPhone is not independent but still has a beautiful screen. As TechEBlog mentioned, at least it is not causing an embarassment by using a Windows system and staying true to the Apple seeds.

6 Warped iPod

Better than having your iPod warp from the sun or car heat, this art piece seen at Engadget is a warped iPod all together. We are told that while this special iPod may look a little odd, it is still fully functional. I still prefer a pocket size.

7 Cupcake Apps

Which app will you choose? These amazing cupcakes found at Neatorama make the iPhone apps even more attractive; they are sweet, bite-size, and extremely colorful.

8 iBone

What would you rather have your Dog chew on, your iPhone 3G or an iPhone look-alike chew toy from NerdApproved? With the iBone, the answer is pretty easy, so you don’t really need to think about it.

9 Retro iPod Cover

Remember the Sony Walkman? Well, here an iPod Cassette Cover resembles the old cassette players. We can’t let go of these old tapes and must give tribute to them. Another example is the Cassette Closet.

10 iPhone R.I.P

While there is a Steve Jobs Tombstone, this iPhone Coffin is just for the Apple cellphone. Even when pondering its demise, the iPhone retain its clean and bright color, along with the many applications.

11 DJ iPod

Two iPods were connected and using the scroll wheel, becoming a small iPod DJ station.

12 Needle Felted

It is not like Mike Tyson Craft but Steve Job’s craft is just the same. This needle felted iPhone found at Geekologie is cute, warm and fuzzy.

13 iPod Nano Package Speakers

A while back, a kit was created to make an iPod Nano Package Speaker Case. The Nano changed a lot since, but the package should still be possible to convert.

14 iPhone T-Shirt

Just last month, there were a lot of creative Halloween Craft DIY ideas, different Pumpkin Faces Carvings, and also some costume creations. Make presented the iPhone T Shirt to make you into a human size walking iPhone.