Watchmen Nite Owlship Replica

The Watchmen Nite Owlship Replica is a great fan toy for collectors, fans, and others interested in a cool item for their living room.

The Watchmen movie is being longed for by many fans worldwide, and meanwhile…cool gadgets and toys are being introduced. This Watchmen Nite Owlship Replica may not be available until March 2009 for $249.99, but it is something to look forward to.

This specific Replica was reproduced based on the true Watchmen Nite Owlship blueprints of the movie ship. In addition, it is back-lit and marvelously detailed. Its scale is 1:24 to the true ship, but would work perfect for the game room theme.

Another Watchmen replica worth looking into is the Lego Nite Owlship, which is also impressive and makes a great art piece.

Via: Slashfilm