Easybloom Gardener Gadget

Gardener Gadget Easy Bloom

I don’t like gardening much but I would definitely like a gadget that could help me analyze a gardens’ condition and tell me whether it is suitable for planting flowers and other plants. With EasyBloom you can just sit back and let the gadget do all the analysis for you.

You have to put the EasyBloom at a place in your garden where you wish to plant a pod or a flower and keep it there for 24 hours. In those 24 Hours, the Easy Bloom will analyze the type of soil, the humidity of your garden, the intensity of light is receives from the sun and also the temperature. The Easy Bloom plant gadget sensor will then store all this information and then you can connect it your PC via USB port.

Once connected, the Easy Bloom will tell you whether or not the specific plant can grow in your garden. Not only that, the Easy Bloom will sort through over 5,000 plant species and recommend you a plant species that can grow perfectly in your garden. The EasyBloom Gadget will cost you $60, not bad for the hefty work it does.

At least this Green Gadget is not a concept such as the Digital Plant that aims to present when a plant needs caring. At least now, you get a true analysis.