Smart Car Full of Compressed Air

This is some Smart Car which is simply powered by air. It is a new way for Environmentally friendly vehicles that may not be as fast but are surely frugal.

The Compressed Air Car (CAV) is a smart car which does not need the gallons upon gallons of gasoline to keep you running your daily trips. By just compressed air and a splash of salad oil, alcohol or even just a pint of gasoline, it can provide an efficient and definitely convenient way to ride around town.

The CAV can run for up to 60 Miles at a speed of 35 MPH on only a tank of air. That may not be so quick, but their size makes it easier for parking, they are very cheap to fill up, and the best part…will probably cost only $20,000.

Seems like a hefty price tag for a Smart Car full of compressed air, but then again…could save a lot more than just money in the end.

Via: Yahoo Via: Kiplinger Images MDI