Nerf Toys: Vulcan Automatic Heavy Blaster

one cool fire gun

Are you a Nerf fan? Then, this fun Nerf toy is definitely for you. The Nerf Vulcan Automatic Heavy Blaster is a mean looking Nerf gun with a yellow, orange and gray finish. These colors are way cooler than those on a camouflage tank.

The Nerf gun fires a whopping 3 darts/second. It comes with a built-in tripod, just in case you need to fire pronto when your boss walks in asking for a status check on that late report. Without the tripod, this gun is foldable and handy to carry along. The Heavy Blaster also includes an ammo belt that loads 25 crushing mini darts. Weighing 8 pounds, this fire gun is not for the puny and lame, for this is a real man’s weapon, and can level the playing field in no time.

Nerf gun darts

It’s also a great toy to have, if you enjoy battling it out with your kids. They will be screaming for cover, when you’re ready to launch automatic fire. Or you could pack up this bad gun to play ‘war games’ with your camping buddies the next time you feel like having an adventure to add a little spice to your weekends.

Looking at the specs real quick, this gun features the following:

Belt fed ammo delivery system
Shoots 3 darts/second
Single shot/Automatic mode
Removable/tripod. Foldable
3 tactical rails
Removable carrying handle

The Nerf Vulcan Automatic Heavy Blaster goes for $49.99 from