President Barack Obama Action Figures

President Barack Obama has become an amazing presence in the US and Worldwide not just because of being elected, but because he has become a real Action Figure. It may be Barack Obama’s charisma, his looks, his drive, or perhaps he is a great figure to make iconic action figures out of.

It is not surprising to see how quickly people are flocking to create new products, items and even games such as Super Obama World based on the newly elected US President Obama.

Below you can find some amazing President Barack Obama Action Figures that may make you proud, make you laugh, or shock you. I myself tried to pick some of my favoites from a gallery of approximately 45 various figurines. For the entire Gallery, check the link at the end of the post. More than a few are available at Firebox.

After checking them out, which Barack Obama is your favorite?

A few are available for purchase for only $12.99.

Obama Harry Potter

President Obama just proved that he definitely knows a number of different charms.

Obama David Bowie

I wonder if David Bowie would be proud to see the newly elected President of the United States wear his make up.

Black Metal Obama

It may be a little out of character, but this is a sight of Barack Obama we may actually get to see.

Godzilla Obama

I must admit, but I actually like this Godzilla remake…I ain’t scared at all.

Graffiti Obama

Yes We Can clean up the streets…follow me.

Obama Green Lantern

Many believe Barack Obama is truly a Superhero.

Kiss Obama

I wanna Rock!

Obama Newspaper

Instead of reading about it, you can have the Obama Newspaper at all times.

Optimus Prime Obama

Will Obama Transform the U.S?

Police Car

A third transformer, a third Robocop and a third Obama.

Obama is no Punk

Punk Rock Rules!

Robin Hood

Will Joe the Plumber appreciate this Barack Obama Robin Hood action figure?

Super Obama

What did we say about Obama being a Superhero?

Obama Thriller

There is a Musical Thriller Remake, a Final Fantasy Thriller, and then there is President Barack Obama.

As Seen on TV

President Obama is in your TV Screen.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is one of my favorite movies, and this Obama character tribute is spectacular.

Product Via: VillageVoice

17 thoughts on “President Barack Obama Action Figures

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  3. Rob.

    Obama is working for the same people that Bush was. They are both puppets. The elite shove their right hand up Bush’s ass and left up Barack’s. He is not here to change anything, you have all been tricked. They’re strategy is working so well, most legitimately intelligent people think that he came here to help the world. He is a lobbyist, a businessman, and works for wall street. Don’t believe a word he says. and don’t praise him like he is some kind of messiah, he is far from it. These action figures insult my pride in my country, which is slowly wearing thin. Tanks for supporting another scumbag to run our beautiful nation.

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  11. J2.

    I seriously don’t get why everyone is so friggin’ in love with Obama. And no, i don’t think Joe the Plumber would like the Obama Robin Hood. Leave the dude alone. He simply asked an honest question and shouldn’t be getting crap for it.

  12. J.

    While these are great I am a bit disappointed by their names. They could be so much more clever. O-bomptimus Prime for example.


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