Meade ETX-LS Telescope

Meade Telescope

A lot of people enjoy watching the start and the moon closely at night, and for those that love to watch the sky at night, Meade has been developing a Telescope that will change what we know of telescopes.

Meade claims that this new ETX Premier Edition telescope will change the way people use telescope and astronomy and make it as easy as pushing a button. When you feel like observing a “far from Milky Way” galaxy, you just need to press a button, and then AutoStar (The Software that comes with Meade Telescope and helps you with locating objects in the sky) will automatically point your telescope and put it right into your eyepiece.

The Telescope has a focal length of 1250mm and a Focal Ratio of F/13.8 to 15. The integrated sensor module comes with built in GPS, light sensitivity and Level North technology to find the stars (or for that sake, any object in the known sky) by recognizing your position compared to the celestial bodies to create a real time night sky map. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

If you would like to take the picture of any object see in your Eye Piece, you can do that too. For that capability, the Meade ETX-LS Telescope has been added with a CCD sensor and SD card slot. The The Meade ETX-LS Telescope will be presented to the world at next year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show). There is no quote about the price just yet.

Meade via Tech Digest