Aliens Movie Lego Creations

Aliens is one of my favorite movies, so I can’t help simply loving these two creations of the actual Alien and the Dropship. Both of these Aliens Lego Creations are very well made and are probably created by die hard Alien fans.

The actual Lego Alien by Arvo is spectacular for it looks dark and eerie as I remember the movie version is. The only bad thing is that this could truly scare you if staring at you in your bedroom at night.

The Lego Dropship version by Havoc is well made, but at least it won’t scare you if you wake up in the middle of the night. It is more of a model version that allows you to appreciate the setting of the Alien movie series.

If you are looking for other Aliens mention, you could see the Lego Movie Remakes of some popular scenes and even the Alien Living Room Design if you wish to really visit that planet.

Via: Neatorama and TheBrothersBrick