Black Friday Craziness

It is Black Friday time again. It is that time of the year where we allow ourselves to run after Deals of many things we don’t necessarily need, and who can blame us? Whether you have already scoped out the net for the best Black Friday Deals or not, this collection is a completely different thing.

Below we have gathered different Black Friday Deals, Sales, Ads, Jokes, Art, Cartoons and Charts to hopefully take you away from all the Shopping Madness. Some will put a smile on you face, some may leave you frustrated, but all in all, these are meant to help you escape that day you would just love to hate.

Black Friday Ad Circuit City didn’t approve

Image: GroovyChicago

The Crowds

Images Credit: The Raw Feed

Black Flag

Image: FiftyOneFiftyOne

Black Friday Shopping with Jesus

Image: ThreadPit

Is it worth it?

Images Credit: BBSpot

Black Friday Deals at Best Buy

The Ultimate Sale

Image: NatalieDee

TV and Nintendo Wii Remote

Image: Ray Fowler

Hit Movies

Image: Kotaku

Black Friday The Game


Will they Survive?

Image: Starmen

Are you cold?

Image: SethSkim

Black Friday at Wal-Mart

Image: Paneccasio.

Be Prepared for the Worse

Image: TheaterHopper

Search for the Best Black Friday Deals

Images: HitWise

7 thoughts on “Black Friday Craziness

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  3. Eva.

    I work in retail and let me let you all in on a little secret…….THIS STUFF WILL BE ON SALE ALL FRICKEN WEEK!!!!! Stay at home, have leftover turkey and play with the kids. When people line up at the door of a store, to save an extra 5.00 on some piece of crud they don’t need anyway, the people working there are LAUGHING at you!! Be smart, stay home and order online…..

  4. Diane.

    Once, years ago, a friend and I headed to a mall for Black Friday. It was so crowded that we couldn’t even enter the stores, so we bought a soda and hot dog, where we also had to wait in line and sat on the hall floor, eating it. Never again!


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