Creative Zen Moo Collection of MP3 Players

You must have witnessed many music players trying to knock out the presence of the iPod from the minds of consumers. I wonder if Steve Jobs could actually lose sleep over this. But Creative isn’t any weak contender; it has scooped Zen Moo line of mp3 players to honor the Year of Cow in Chinese shores. Having put on cute attires of cow and emotions too, the appeal is tailor-made for Chinese folks.

There are two versions, one lacking a screen and the Plus sibling that has a translucent OLED screen, 2GB’s of memory, an FM tuner, and built-in speakers. The battery can be juiced up to render as much as 20 hours of battery life. The spec sheet looks pretty neat, much like the industry standards. I don’t have to tell you such things could actually make women weak in their knees. No word on pricing yet.

By design and cuteness, these also remind me of the Designer Portable Speakers and some other from the Computer Speakers List.

Engadget Via IMP3