Dry Your Hair with the Pistol Blow Dryer Gadget

Ever heard of a hair dryer that looks like a pistol? It’s called the Pistol Hair Dryer as common sense would indicate!

This cool gadget has been floating on the Interweb for a long time. But now, it’s actually in stock and for sale at gadget4all.com for $39. A bit expensive ’cause you can get hair driers that do the job for a mere 20 bucks, but this gun gadget is different; It has a flair to it. And it could come in handy the next time you play Russian Roulette with your mates!

The Pistol Hair Gun has three settings, uses 1000W and weighs just 345g. I have to admit the light weight is appealing. Only, I would feel like I’m in a Western movie if I was caught using it.

This unique Pistol Hair Gun gets the job done in style, and you get blow out your split ends while you’re at it. A nice toy to have around indeed. You might even scare off a burglar or two, but you would have to change the violet handle!

Source: RedFerret