Egg Light Gadget for the Tech Dairy Lover

This Egg Light might be worth getting if you’re into creative ambiance and would be a perfect breakfast compliment to the Milk Light Concept.

Igor Pinigin, a Ukranian designer, was given a special award for this piece at the “Svitlo” (light) competition held in Ukraine.

Kudos to the designer for this unique concept behind the 12 10-pack eggs design, but I’m not sure where this would go. Definitely not in the dining room as my kids might eat it!

It might suit the kitchen well, although I don’t think it the prototype has enough power to use as a reading light for your cookbooks, but it would help if you’ve stored your fresh eggs in the refrigerator to avoid any confusion. I think this would work well as a night light, though.

And no I wouldn’t put this Egg Light in the bedroom, although the photo below looks like it is displayed there. Definitely not romantic!

Source: Toxel