Honda Innovative Laundry Center: One Stop Laundry

This Recycle Laundry Center is one lean mean washing machine.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having one myself. It’s the perfect answer to the green movement, gets the job done, and looks really cool, bordering on futuristic, in fact. This is a heck of step up from the One Cup Washer.

In line with the recent trend in green policies at major corporations, one of the three tubs in this machine collects water and filters it so that it can be used again! Unbelievable. Who would’ve thought this kind of technology is actually available today. Yes, this machine is definitely ahead of its time. But it’s also just in time for those of you who want to save on your energy bills and are too lazy to scoot over to a different machine to use a dryer. This is a one-stop-machine for your laundry needs, but you will have to provide your own detergent!

The three units in this laundry center were inspired by the recycling logo. Although all of these units look the same one is washer, another is a dryer and a third is a water tank with a filtration system incorporated into it. When the unit spins in a clockwise direction, water moves into the unity by way of gravity and this means you don’t need a pump. As the washing cycle is completed, the water flows back into the storage tank where it is cleaned and ready to be reused.

Another neat factor about this laundry center is that it works independently as separate units, i.e. you can use the dryer while the washer is on. Absolutely a fun and neat way to wash clothes.

Source: Yanko Design