Nokia N97 Touchscreen Cellphone

Nokia has provided some wonderful information about its upcoming 2009 release of the new Nokia N97 Touchscreen Cellphone for its growing N-Series. This new Nokia Cellphone provides wonderful features and abilities within a greatly designed powerhouse of a mobile phone.

As can be expected from Nokia, this new Touchscreen consists of Haptic Display making messaging and entering information on the screen a snap. In addition, a full Qwerty Keyboard is pulled out, with the phone sitting at an angle making it look like a mini-notebook, especially with its nice 3.5 inch screen.

The Nokia N97 includes 32 GB of Internal memory with the possibility of adding an extra 16 GB with an external card. This truly makes this neat Nokia cellphone a convenient and portable mobilephone that has a lot of storage potential for all your personal and business needs. Furthermore, the battery makes the Nokia N97 even more attractive with approximately 37 hours of music playback and 5 full hours of video playback. This can help you see the convenience of having a powerful cellphone that can also deliver the allotted time required to use it.

Besides the wonderful technical features, is the Nokia N97 a fun cellphone? But of course. It has a 5MP camera with dual LED flash to make your daily picture taking always available (with enough room to save many many images). For Web surfers, Wifi and 3G are both available with Touch Sensitivity to make the world wide web so much easier to surf when away from your computer. Additional fun and commonly required features are music, video, FM Radio, N-Gage compatibility, assisted GPS with Nokia Maps and its design is just beautiful.

If the picture taken from DialAPhone of the upcoming Nokia N97 is not enough to make you drool, the video below gives an additional taste.