KinnikuMan Warrior USB Gadgets

I think more than men, it’s the fairer sex that gives paramount importance to fitness or rather the perfect curves. Men aren’t lagging behind, but they can take it easy at times. If you are extremely paranoid about your dainty figure and need constant motivation to work out, KinnikuMan Warriors are the perfect USB gadget.

These cute USB Gadgets get into action on having pushed inside the USB slot. So while they work out their way to a perfect body, you could draw some inspiration from them. They are plain USB accessories with no internal flash memory to double as data banks. You can buy one for almost $34 from Geekstuff4U.

For other USB Gadgets ideas for Christmas that do actually have storage capabilities or additional practical use, check out the Humping Bunnies Flash Drives, the Sperm Shaped USB Flash Drive or perhaps the USB Heated Slippers for this Winter.

Via Gizmodiva