Windows 7 Beta Free DVD

windows 7 installation screen

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta DVD is being given to the attendees of MSDN road show on January 13 in Chicago, Illinois. This will be the first giveaway of Windows 7 Beta DVD from eight scheduled as US road shows next year. For previous insights of the New Microsoft Windows 7 check Windows 7 Beta.

The specialty about this Microsoft beta is that this is the first full release of Windows 7 code which is a good way to show people what can be expected from the Windows Vista’s successor.

One of the advantage of windows 7 is that the light weight office applications can be easily used within the browsers. According to Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at Microsoft, it’s aiming to bring “the best of the web to Windows, and the best of Windows to the web.” Many also told about improved navigation, a new taskbar, support for multi-touch gestures, Device Stage and enhanced AV integration.

To the new users of windows 7 here is a quick list about the major noticeable improvements in Microsoft Windows 7:

Pin Items to Your Taskbar
Snap Your Windows to Size
Try Out Aero Shake
Tame User Account Control
Customize Your System Tray
Speed Up Your Startup
Upgrade Calculator and Paint; Get PowerShell
Have More Control over Wi-Fi Networks