Military Zoom Binoculars

Binocular with gigantic 70mm lens

It’s not a wonder to see the objects seven times closer and 14 times brighter than with the unaided eye using a high end binocular, but it’s really a wonder to see the power of this binocular turning to be a marvelous gadget which even renders the planetarium objects as you view planets, moons, nebulae and comets. These make any stargazing experience feel like a telescopic trip to the planetarium.

Needs in depth specification? Here it is

The Military Zoom magnifies between 20 and 140 times closer, and 70 times more light comes into its gigantic 70 mm lens.
Its rubber grip makes it simple to handle, too.
Measures:12″ x 9 ” x 4″
Weight:Approximately 4 Lbs.
The lenses are made of multi-coated glass.

Go make one for yourself and have a happy journey.

via Gadgetuniverse