Super Mario Brothers 3 Pushpin Art

My love for different Super Mario Brothers art, remakes, and creations is not something new, and so this new presentation of Super Mario Brothers 3 Art created by pushpin deserves a post just like the rest.

This great Super Mario Bros. Art work was made using 17,000 pushpins. It took over 2 semesters of work, some revisions, and we can definitely appreciate the final mural of the famous Plumber.

The student which spent all the hours on such a Super Mario Brothers remake must either be a genius for having so much time to spend on it or perhaps is flunking out thanks for his love of good old Mario.

I myself highly appreciate the work spent for this Art piece. but then again, I appreciate all of the Mario remakes, such as the Acoustic Super Mario Brothers Theme, the Giant Lego Mario and also the funny Super Barack Obama World Game.

Via: Geekologie