How To Remove YouTube Search Bar

You might be surprised to know that YouTube has added a search bar to embedded videos, and after you see it, you will probably want to learn How To Remove that same YouTube Search Bar.

Although this new YouTube addition is an easy way to search for videos without having to change pages (especially if you’re not keen on watching the video that is displayed), there is a certain distraction: it may distract you from watching a video that you’re really intent on seeing because the search bar takes up approximately a tenth of the video space. My oh My…our complaints.

At any rate, the convenience overrides the slight awkwardness in appearance, and you may quickly want to remove that search bar completely from the embedded video.

If that is truly the case, and you do want to turn off the search bar, you would need to add the parameter “&showsearch=0“. Additional YouTube Embedded parameters to change and amend a video can be found here.

Appending parameters on the webpage to the SWF URL enables you to change stuff such as borders, colors and to enable or disable JavaScriptAPI for the YouTube player.

In addition to the search box, you might be interested to know that the site itself has received a facelift. So check it out!

Source: TechCrunch